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Our Story

The name 'Pendleton' originates from the cove that Sarah (farmer) and her family grew up in. It was located in a remote coastal community in central BC, and the region was notoriously overcast. Despite the rather minimal amount of sunshine, Sarah has many amazing memories of living in the area with her family, and struggling to grow vegetables on the water.

Now on land, Pendleton Farm is a small scale, mixed vegetable operation located in Merville, on land leased through Baobab Farm.

The overarching mission of the farm is to increase soil health and the biodiversity of the land, while providing high quality, local produce to the Comox Valley. We are currently working towards organic certification, and operate with a minimal soil disturbance (no-till) system to keep the soil ecosystem as lively as possible. All planting, cultivation, and harvesting is done by hand.

We currently have 1.5 acres in rotational vegetable production. The farm has begun planting a variety of mixed fruit trees to accompany the established apples already on the property. An acre and a half of hazelnuts was planted in the fall of 2020.


Currently our produce is available through our CSA program, at the on-site farm stand, at the Comox Valley Farmers Market, and to local restaurants. 

Owner & Farmer

Sarah Wilson


Sarah is the owner and farmer at Pendleton Farm.

She was raised in a remote coastal community in central BC, Rivers Inlet. There was very little sunlight in the area, resulting in one of the most poorly producing greenhouses on the coast. On the rare occasion a freight boat came through to deliver groceries, she and her sisters would devour all the produce that was unloaded. A rather severe appreciation for fresh vegetables had taken root. Many years later, after attending college for a horticulture degree, Sarah began work on a farm in Victoria, and has been growing veggies ever since. The combination of working outside, the amazing mentors and colleagues, and the satisfaction of growing flavorful nutritious food, has made farming into what is going to be a lifelong passion.

Farm Security



Karma is the resident farm dog and sidekick.
She protects all the innocent squash and beets, always going above and beyond the kale of duty. Not a fan of squirrels.

Baobab Farm

Baobab Farm

Ankia & Stefan Kriegler


Baobab Farm is an oasis in the Comox Valley.
Ankia and Stefan began Baobab Farm in 2016 with the aim of creating a haven of biodiversity while producing food for their community.

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